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Horse Owners' Gift Book Ideas:
Farriery - Teeth Anatomy - Toothache - Head-Shaking Problems

New Book:   Horses' Teeth and Their Dental Problems
Prevention, Recognition and Treatment
Horses Teeth and Their Problems - Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment by Kai Kreling

A horse owner's guide to the care of the horse's teeth.

What every horse owner should know about this important and often misunderstood part of the horse's anatomy, including...
  • The anatomy of the horse's mouth and tooth structures
  • Determining age by looking at the teeth
  • The first course of action for injuries
  • Diseases and disorders of the teeth and mouth
  • When, why, and how the teeth should be examined
  • Alternative treatment options
  • An overview of the dentist's equipment
  • Case studies
  • A handy reference chart to help identify the causes of common symptoms
  • Straight from the horse's mouth.
  • What do a horse's teeth consist of?
  • How can you tell a horse's age?
  • What happens in the mouth of a horse?
  • When should a dental examination take place?
  • What alternative therapies can be used for problems with teeth?

Problems with riding and feeding, as well as recurring colics, can all be related to trouble with horses' teeth. Just as with humans, regular dental examinations are a must for horses. Equine dentistry is a specialized area, but one with which all horse owners and those who care for horses should be acquainted.

The kinds of problems that can affect horses' teeth, how to recognize them and how to avoid them, together with the techniques and types of instruments used for dental treatment, are the subject of this book, which will be of interest to veterinary practitioners and horse owners alike.

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Veterinary Anatomy - anatomical drawings of animals for artists and painters - Books Manuals Guide - New Popular and Bestselling


Animal   Anatomy
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The Principles of Horseshoeing P3 The Ultimate Textbook of Farrier Science and Craftsmanship for the 21st Century new 3rd edition by Dr. Doug Butler and Jacob Butler


The Principles of Horseshoeing (P3)
The Ultimate Textbook of Farrier Science and Craftsmanship for the 21st Century:

Ultimate textbook for understanding farriery science, art and craftsmanship. Written by two experienced authors who bring a fresh new approach to learning the craft of horseshoeing. A new expanded third edition showing how to help horses stay sound or return to soundness after lameness.
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Equine Veterinary Book reading list for horse owners farriers and veterinary surgeons:


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Unusual Old Decorated Ram's Head Skull

Unusual Old Decorated Ram' Head for Sale Strange ornamental metal-covered sheep skull, probably from Middle East, India or Far East

Strange ornamental metal-covered sheep skull, probably from Middle East, India or Far East.

Motif on undersurface - Decorative Sheep Skull - taxidermy UK

Motif on the undersurface of this decorative ram's skull.

Can you tell me anything about this object - does it have religious, spiritual, agricultural or fetish significance? Where does it come from?





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