DIY Portable Home Steam Generators - Wallpaper Strippers
for wallpaper, candle wax stain and patio garden weed removal


Wallpaper, candle wax stains and patio garden weeds can be removed efficiently with a small cheap DIY portable home Steam Generator. These small steam generator are an environmentally-friendly way of removing stubborn wallpapers e.g. vinyl wallpaper. Also candle wax stains that are on uneven surfaces (i.e. a hot iron and paper cannot be used).

These DIY steam generators can also be used on Artex ceilings. Also vinyl floor tiles.

Besides being an eco-friendly way to kill weeds, gardeners will also find a steam machine useful for sterilising soil.

Warning: Always follow the manufacturers instructions for all home DIY equipment applications.
When stripping off wallpaper, be careful if your plaster under the wallpaper is cracked, steam treatment may break up the surface a bit more and you may need some surface re-plastering. Use the minimum steam treatment time that is effective.



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