De-Stress Photos - Welcome to Part 4 of the Journey!

Remember to Breathe   -   Deeply and Slowly and Fully

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Moving on to new experiences  -  Maybe even new relationships!

Your strange new friend has a question...  

"So what's YOUR problem Pal?"

"I'm not too sure about you either!"
How could anyone ever tell you, you are anything less than beautiful?
How could anyone ever tell you, you are less than whole?
How could anyone fail to notice, that your loving is a miracle?
How deeply you're connected to my soul!
[for source see Conflict Resolution]
But relationships matter!   So, what the hell?  - Let's live a little!...
Life leads the thoughtful (wo)man along a tortuous and varied path
Its course is often full of obstacles, then everything becomes smooth
Here an eloquent thought pours forth easily in words
There, the heavy burden of knowledge must be locked in silence
However, when two beings are united in the intimacy of their hearts..
They can break through iron and bronze!
[The Chinese sage Confucious (U.K. & Europe  Canada  USA)]
Let's take a few risks   -   Be adventurous!


Ever see a Fern climb a tree?


Nature?   -   Always creative!   -   Endless imagination!


"O Great Spirit, help me to never judge another
Until I have walked two weeks in their moccasins!"


[Cherokee Prayer (U.K. & Europe  Canada  USA)]
Be a rock?     Find a rock?     We all need rocks!
Give me the strength to bear lightly both my joys and my sorrows
Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service
Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might
Give me the strength to raise my mind above daily trifles
Above all give me the strength to surrender my strength to the will of love

[Adapted from "Gitanjali" Nobel Prize poems (U.K. & Europe  Canada  USA) by Rabindranath Tagore]
'Cos sometimes life is a torrent that threatens to sweep us away!

   It certainly WILL NOT be ignored!


The challenge can be quite invigorating!

Let's face it!   -   Some days we are the pigeon...



   ...and some days we are the statue!

Our path now winds homeward...
Time to rest?

"Do not walk through time...
Without leaving worthy evidence of your passage!"

[Pope John XXIII]

With a quieter and clearer perspective on our life...
(We all can sure use some of that!)

Then the mountain rose before me
By the deep well of desire
From the fountain of forgiveness
Beyond the ice and the fire!
[from Book of Secrets]





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