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Remember to Breathe   -   Deeply and Slowly and Fully

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Quiet space?   -   We all need a "peace" of that!
Steal away,let's steal away,no reason left to stay
For me and you, let's start anew,come Darling steal away
Let's steal away and chase our dreams,and hope they'll never find us
The weary days,the empty nights,we'll leave them all behind us
We'll leave behind the empty streets, the gloom and desolation
The rain,the cold,just growing old, God knows its a hard outstation
We'll leave with just our memories and we'll make a new beginning
For we have to choose to win or lose and it's time we started winning!
[from The Fureys]

Let's follow the river!
Time to gather all those many thoughts...
Of things that might have been - or were gained at such a cost!
For some there's endless hoping - For some, a craziness too
Holding onto better reasons
Works for me
And you know it too!
[Adapted from "Autumn Leaves Are Falling" in Landmarks by Clannad]

The river that weaves through nature's rich abundance...

To think that the heartbeat of peace

Could sound on through my war!


[Quote from "Inner Space" (USA  Canada   UK & Europe) by Anthea Church] a quiet, peaceful haven of meditation
Where do I go with all these feelings?
And all these faces and open doors?
When everyone else seems so serene
And I just feel so insecure.
Where do I go when all the pieces of my heart feel on the floor?
You say:
"Come into The Light why don't you?"
"Come on Now! Come into The Light!"
[Quote from Ballad by Bliss]

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"Come on in!"   -   "The water's great!"
Got to walk out of here
I can't take any more
Going to stand on that bridge
Keep my eyes down below
Whatever may come
And whatever may go
That river's flowing!
That river's flowing!
[from "Don't Give Up" by Maire Brennan in "Streams" (USA  Canada   UK & Europe)]

"So's the company!"
Hope is hearing the melody of the future
Faith is to dance it!

[Ruben Alves]

"Yes, but let's have a bit of grace and dignity"
Let me not wander in vain
Let me not labour in vain
Let me not mingle with the prejudiced
Let me not leave the company of the virtuous
Let me not fly into anger
Let me not stray from the path of goodness
Let me not seek for this day or the morrow

[A Sikh Prayer]

"And don't forget who's King around here!"
Look well to this Day
For it is Life...
the very Best of Life.
In its brief course lie all
the Realities and Truths of Existence
the Joy of Growth
the Splendour of Action
the Glory of Power!

For Yesterday is but a Memory
and Tomorrow is only a Vision
but Today IF LIVED WELL* makes
every Yesterday a Memory of Happiness
and every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope 

[Ancient Sanskrit Poem]

"Give me a tasty snack any day!"
Some "food" for thought...
Seek no contacts and you will find many
Be still and you will move forward on the tide of spirit
Be gentle and you will need no strength
Be patient and you will achieve all things
Be humble and you will remain entire
Close your eyes and you will see clearly
Cease to listen and you will hear truth
Be silent and your heart will sing

[from The Creative Power of Stillness]

"Notice me!"     "Notice me!"
Will we treasure all the secrets of life's changing scenes?
Where our hearts were warmed with love, so much love
Will the flowers grow again as I open out my hand?
Precious time - Time for healing - The beauty of this land

[Adapted from "Of This Land" in Landmarks by Clannad]


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